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Exceptional Fitness Foundation 

EFF is a Non Profit 501C3 charitable organization committed to providing unique fitness, exercise, recreation, social,and safety programs to individuals of all ages and abilities in a fun, safe, and natural environment.


Exceptional Fitness Structured System™️ Methodology and Curriculum

  • EFF employs the Exceptional Fitness Structured Teaching System™ curriculum and methodology developed by Jason Miletsky B.S. to provide its unique programs created specifically for individuals with Autism, Developmental Disorders, and other special and exceptional needs including cognitive and physical disorders. The curriculum integrates functional fitness movements, and accounts for the five health-related and six skill related components of fitness, as well as adaptive behavior, cognition level, communication skills, sensory needs, and executive functioning.
  • This is accomplished through targeted asessment and individalized supports and fitness plan. The plan is continually reviewed to ensure proper instruction.
  • The "core"movements and "survival skills" of the system are based on functional movement , martial arts movements, musical movement, yoga, and social safety instruction. 
  • Developer Jason Miletsky B.S. worked and continues to work very closely with experts in the fields of Autism, Behavior Analysis, Exceptional Learners, Exercise Physiology, Physical and Occupational therapies, medical doctors,recreation therpy, and fitness coaches to create an eclectic approach to exercise and fitness programs, evidence based curriculum, learning, and best practices.
  • Through the use of a variety of fitness, exercise, and recreation equipment, fun activities, circuit routines, sensory items, music, and a variety of individualized and group supports, including visual supports, timers, schedules, etc. The Exceptional Fitness Structured System™ and curriculum are able to provide one of the most unique fitness, athletic, exercise, and recreational experiences not only for exceptional athletes but for all individuals regardless of ability level or age. Instruction can be provided on a 1:1 individual basis, group, private group, and we can come to you!


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In all EFF programs athletes begin with an intake and assessment designed by developer Jason Miletsky B.S. Through this process we design an individualized fitness plan and decide on the best program and placement for the athlete. As well as the best coach pairing. The plan includes preferred activities to help meet goals and objectives designed to improve that athletes priority needs and overall fitness. Data is taken at each session to monitor progress and regression and to provide the optimal level of programming and instruction.

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